Our Honey

Our bees forage on the huge diversity of flowers grown around east Vancouver, producing a rich, complex tasting honey. All our honey is unpasteurized and unfiltered.

We can never narrow down our honey to a single floral source, as our hives are housed in backyards. We divide it by season: our spring honey is generally lighter and milder while the summer honey is darker and stronger. Some years the difference is more pronounced than others, it all depends on what our neighbours are growing!

It’s important to us that honey not be treated as a specialty food item. Honey has been a domestic staple food source for generations, and bees are a foundation of a healthy ecosystem.
It is connection to a sense of place and our local ecosystem. We strive to provide our honey at an accessible price.

*A NOTE ON HONEY GRANULATION (when the honey goes hard)
Our honey is unfiltered and unpasteurized, with all of the nutrition and taste just as it came out of the hive. All honey will granulate over time, and unfiltered honey honey will granulate even faster. It’s a totally natural process, does not mean there’s anything wrong with the honey, and can be easily reversed.

Honey is made of two sugars, fructose and glucose, and over time the sugars separate and the glucose forms crystals. While it’s perfectly safe to to eat as is, if you prefer liquid honey our suggestion is to scoop out the amount you expect to use over the next two weeks into a mason jar, and heat the jar in a waterbath, careful not to get water in the honey. You’ll be the crystal begin to liquify; stir the honey until all the granulation is melted as a small amount left will recrystallize quickly. Of course, you can heat the whole jar, but heating the honey repeatedly can reduce some of the nutritional benefits of honey.

How to get our honey?

Buying Retail

Our honey can be found at the following retail locations around the lower mainland, please call aheads to confirm availability.

Beyond Bread in Kitsilano

Caulfield Village Pharmasave in West Vancouver

Cork-it Wine Making in North Vancouver

Don’t see anyone near you, or know of a business you think would be a good fit for Six Legs Good? Please encourage them to contact us!

Are you a retailer or restaurant interested in carrying our product? Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Buy from the Beekeepers

We sell much of our honey directly! Email us to make an order and we can arrange drop-off or pick-up.

-Our Prices-
500g – $12
1kg – $20
3kg – $50

Bulk sales available seasonally, by request.

Get a 10% discount off any order exceeding $100. Mix and match sizes. Split a case with your friends, family and co-workers. Available only when purchasing directly from the beekeepers.

We are currently taking honey orders.

Send us an email to place an order at 6legsgood@gmail.com