Our Bees

All our bees and queens are locally raised, using only organic treatments, and are approved for sale after inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture. We do not import bees or resell imported packages.

We have been breeding our bees since 2012, when we were lucky enough to be given queens from a UBC breeding project. Since then, we’ve continued our breeding program to select bees based on disease and pest resistance, survivability, temperament, and honey production. We have continued as a cooperating breeder with the UBC genetics project, with continued testing and field trials as part of our breeding program.

We strive to breed bees well suited to our local environment and reduce our regions dependance on imported bees.

New to Beekeeping?

Are you new to beekeeping? Keeping bees happy and healthy is an art and a science; it takes care, consideration, and dedication. Bees are often equal parts rewarding and frustrating. If your goal is simply to help bees, the easiest thing you can do is simply to plant flowers, which not only helps honeybees, but also the many native bees and pollinators. Proper beekeeping requires knowledge of diseases, pests, and honeybee health to insure a sick hives doesn’t cause problems for another hive or native bees.

If you’re just starting out, joining a local beekeeping club can be very helpful. Look for one in your area.

Bee habitat/ good flowers to plant

List of clubs and courses

Mentorship/assistance from us:
If you’re interested in one-on-one mentorship, we can set up a custom program with you based on your level of experience. Cost would vary based on the number of site visits, phone consultations, or other support you need.

Please email us with a bit of info about yourself, and where you’d like to go with the bees. We want to make sure you, and the bees, get off to a great start!

Buying Bees

Five Frame Nucs, locally raised queens, available seasonally. To be notified when bees are available please sign up for the email list; once an email goes out they will be sold in order of response.

Nuc does not include nuc box. We can transfer the frames to your equipment, or you can borrow the box with a $50 deposit. Please let us know if you intend to keep the nuc box; that’s fine, we just keep the deposit.

Bee the first to know!

When we have bees available, we send out an email. First response, first reserve basis.